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Construction Equipment Market share by applications and regions for 2018- 2024

Europe Construction Equipment Market accounted for more than USD 30 billion in 2017 and is further projected to grow at a significant rate over the coming six years. The regional growth is primarily driven by increased governmental focus on refurbishment and upgradation of existing infrastructure and rising smart city projects.Global Construction Equipment Market featuring the

High speed blowers Market share by applications and regions for 2018- 2024

High Speed Blowers Market demand from wastewater treatment application is forecast to record a CAGR of 4% over 2018-2024. The rising environmental concerns pertaining to industrial and residential waste clogging in water bodies will fuel the product demand.Global High Speed Blowers Market share to surpass USD 1 billion by 2024. High product demand across the

Polymer Foam Market 2018 key Industry players: Roger Corporations, SABIC, The Dow Chemical Company, Toray Industries, Total

Based on type, polymer foam market is bifurcated into rigid and flexible. Flexible foam accounted for more than half of the overall market owing to its low cost and easy application. These are commonly used in building & construction, footwears, sport & recreations, textiles and others. Polymer Foam Market Size will witness a profitable gain

Windows and Doors Market share by applications and regions for 2018- 2024

Commercial Windows & Doors Market sector is projected to register over 3.5% CAGR up to 2024. Window and door are prominent parts in designing interior with architectural structures of buildings. Rising development activities for new construction of commercial buildings include schools, hospitals, and industries will expand product demand. Residential Windows and Doors Market will contribute

Pocket Door Market share by applications and regions for 2018- 2024

European Pocket Door Market accounted for over 20% of the global revenue share in 2017. Increasing urbanization rate and rising demand for aesthetic customization will further boost industry growth in this region. Rising income level coupled with affordable housing schemes launched by the government will augment regional demand over the projected timeframe. Asia Pacific Pocket

Industrial Air Filtration Market share by applications and regions for 2018- 2024

China Industrial air filtration market size is expected to reach over USD 900 million by 2024 owing to the increasing demand in various end-use sectors such as food & beverage, metal manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. Economic developments in this region will further increase the demand for sophisticated air filtration solutions. Industrial air filtration market from

Separation Machinery Market share by applications and regions for 2018- 2025

Separation Machinery Market size will surpass USD 100 billion by 2024. Global water demand shall have a strong rise in the coming decades in response to the necessities of a rising global populace. The water demand of the agricultural division is currently responsible for about 70% of water abstractions across the globe, wherein large upsurges have

Regenerative Blower Market share by applications and regions for 2018- 2025

Regenerative Blower Market to surpass USD 1 billion by 2025; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Growth in chemical industry in developed economies of North America due to upsurge in demand for pharma, agrochemical and other specialty products across the region will be a major boost for regenerative blower market demand

Recycled Thermoplastics Market by Form (Flakes, Pellets, Granules)2018-2024

Building & construction industry growth will act as a major fueling factor for Recycled Thermoplastic Market in recent times. Recycled thermoplastics are widely used in sidings, panels, insulation, doors, plumbing fixtures, floorings, bathroom units, railings, gratings, structural decorative in the building & construction industry. In Asia Pacific, the construction industry output is expected to reach

Smart Polymers Market Key Industry players: BASF SE, AkzoNobel, FMC Corporation, Sigma-Aldrich Corporation and Huntsman

Based on applications, the global Smart Polymers Market can be segmented into biomedical & biotechnology, automotive, textile, electrical & electronics and nuclear energy. The biomedical & biotechnology has drug delivery system, tissue engineering, biocatalysts and bioseparation as its sub categories. Nuclear energy segment has the product employed in waste management and radiation detection applications. The