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Polymer Gel Market share by applications and regions for 2016- 2024

Polymer Gel Market to surpass USD 55 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.Polymer gel market is projected to witness significant demand in medical industry by 2024. Hydrogels, which led the polymer (crosslink) gels industry in 2016, have been achieving rising popularity in drug delivery system, wound care, contact

Material Handling Equipment Market 2017: Revenue, Opportunity, Application

Strong investment in the installation of these machineries in warehouses to enhance the productivity, is anticipated to directly influence material handling equipment market growth path. Material handling equipment industry has evolved in the past few years with advanced technological interventions such as voice picking, RFID, Big data analytics, IoT, etc. With the developments in logistics

Construction Equipment Rental Market 2017: Revenue, Opportunity, Application

In addition, the changing trends of the construction and industrial sectors regarding technologically advanced machinery will provide business opportunities to leading companies, thereby boosting construction equipment rental market. With the rising number of construction activities and the subsequent requirement for heavy machinery, Construction Equipment Rental Market is set to grow at a remarkable pace. Rental

Building Thermal Insulation Market: An Insight Of The Aggressively Changing Industry Dynamics

Building floors, walls, and roofs essentially require thermal insulation. Wall applications, which contributed more than USD 12 billion toward Building Thermal Insulation Industry revenue in 2016, are expected to grow considerably over the years to come. Reduced GHG emissions, high energy preservation, and the prospering construction sector are expected to spur building thermal insulation market

France waterborne coatings market size may surpass USD 6.5 billion in sales by 2024

Waterborne Coatings Market has been gaining mass popularity in recent times, pertaining to the increasing product deployment in several painting applications, driven by their easy usage and quick curing process. Having recognized the potential advantages of these coatings, the renowned biggies in waterborne coatings industry are investing heavily to bring about substantial enhancements in their

Polyacrylamide Market size for water treatment application is expected to grow at a CAGR close to 8% by 2024

Polyacrylamide Market is set to rise at an unprecedented pace with the global population battling the catastrophe of water scarcity and depleting water resources. Recognized as an excellent flocculent, polyacrylamide is highly used as a water absorbing polymer in the treatment of waste water released from household and industrial sectors. Polyacrylamide Market is further projected

Stainless Steel Market growth drivers in 2017 & Challenges by 2024

Stainless-Steel Market may witness significant gains over forecast period owing to positive growth in the automotive sector & rise in public infrastructure expenditure for developing railways, roads & highways projects. It’s key properties such as resistance to corrosion, strength, and low maintenance properties making it suitable for wide range of applications including transportation, heavy industries,

Rapid Strength Concrete Market: An Insight Of The Aggressively Changing Industry Dynamics

The Rapid Strength Concrete Market size for buildings/floors segment attained revenue of over USD 80 billion in 2016. Rapid development in countries including Brazil, and India has augmented the demand for fast setting concrete to save time and cost which in turn will have positive impact on the rapid strength concrete market size by 2024.

Steel Rebar Market Application & Forecast with Upcoming Trends 2024

Industrial sector expansion supported by positive FDI policies will propel product penetration. Upsurge in public & private investment to strengthen existing industrial infrastructure and setting up new production facilities will drive steel rebar market growth Increasing infrastructural development to build & remodel homes will drive Steel Rebar market growth. Rising demand from real estate projects