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Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Market share by applications and regions for 2018- 2024

The Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Market in retail applications will grow to over 4 million units by 2024 due to the increasing adoption of beverage refrigerators and display cases in supermarkets, grocery stores, and bakery stores. With the increasing penetration of supermarket chains across the globe, the popularity of centralized and multiplex refrigerators is increasing rapidly.

Plating on Plastics (POP)Market – An overview of the technology Sector

Global POP market size from LCP substrate sizes to surpass USD 13 million by 2024. Growing demand for light weight, fuel efficient automotive would propel plating on plastic market demand owing to its wide application in grilles, light bezel, trims, dashboards, arm rest and emblems as it is easily fabricated and durable. Plating can be

Construction Equipment Rental Market share by applications and regions for 2018- 2024

Owing to a surge in the demand for compaction equipment, loaders, excavators, and backhoes, the product segment of the Construction Equipment Rental Market is being presently dominated by earthmoving and road building equipment. It would be prudent to mention that a steady stream of new earthmoving machines has been spanning the market in the recent

Elevator Market share by applications and regions for 2018- 2025

According to the report, hydraulic & pneumatic products accounted for one-fifth of the Global Elevator Market share in 2017. As these products are characterized with lesser maintenance & installation costs they are gaining significant momentum across the industrial sector. The segment is anticipated to record an annual growth rate of 3% over 2018-2025. Global Elevator

Recycled Metal Market size is forecast to exceed USD 125 billion by 2024

Speaking about the initiatives taken by the regional governments with regards to metal recycling, it would be imperative to mention the instance of the Rwanda government having undertaken significant steps to strengthen the industrial sector in the region by encouraging the practice of metal recycling. In accordance, the government has taken efforts to establish metal

Report Predicts Rapid Growth Expected in Aseptic Packaging Market

The term ‘aseptic’ can be translated to mean the exclusion of any unwanted organisms from a typical food or pharmaceutical product. The aseptic process of packaging uses flash pasteurization and sterile packing of the product ensuring its lasting freshness and shelf stability. Aseptic packages are treated to withstand 127°C and 100°C for high and low

Construction Equipment Market share by applications and regions for 2018- 2024

Europe Construction Equipment Market accounted for more than USD 30 billion in 2017 and is further projected to grow at a significant rate over the coming six years. The regional growth is primarily driven by increased governmental focus on refurbishment and upgradation of existing infrastructure and rising smart city projects.Global Construction Equipment Market featuring the

Global Cross-linked polyethylene Market Development and Forecast to 2024

Global cross-linked polyethylene market demand from plumbing application is forecast to surpass 2,000 kilotons in terms of volume sales by 2024. Global cross-linked polyethylene market will witness significant demand from the plumbing application, owing to the product’s flexibility, low cost, and high strength properties. The growing number of real-estate plans coupled with kitchen and bathroom

Wood, Paper & Paperboard Recycling Market: Key Driving Factors of The Industry Demand

Wood, paper & paperboard recycling market has gained quite some popularity of late, driven by the increasing awareness among the regulatory bodies about the environmental and sustainability benefits of waste material disposal. As recycling leads to the conservation natural resources, energy savings, and minimization of landfills, most of the countries and industry behemoths have started